Save Tightwad Hill! is an unincorporated association formed in 2006 to advocate for the preservation of the historic use of the cultural resource known as Tightwad Hill.

Members of Save Tightwad Hill! include many hundreds of community residents and concerned citizens who enjoy and appreciate the cultural and historical use of Tightwad Hill, many of whom signed a petition that was presented to the UC Regents in November, 2006.

The group exhausted administrative remedies via objections to approval of the stadium project’s east seating structure in light of the University's failure to consider impacts of the planned Stadium project on Tightwad Hill, and filed suit in Alameda County Superior Court in January, 2007.

UC Berkeley and Save Tightwad Hill! have agreed to a settlement in an 18-month-old lawsuit challenging the University's planned development of California Memorial Stadium. The parties have agreed to an informal process that commits the University to confer with and to consider input from the group regarding design options for the east seating structure in order to avoid, to the extent feasible, obstruction of views of the field from Tightwad Hill.
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