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Thanks to all you TIGHTWADS!!!

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Cal Student, Life-long Berkeley resident, UCSF, Cal Alumni, UCB Parent, UCLA Student, Alumni/booster, Cal Band Alum '75, Estudiante, LBNL, Berkeley Resident, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA Season Ticket Holder, Cal Band, Cal Grad Student, Civil Rights Activist, CSU Fullerton, UC Riverside, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, University of Oregon, Staff, Local, Student, Teacher, Cal Poly SLO, UC San Diego, UC Davis Alum, UCLA Alum, UCSC Alum, Tightwad Hill Vet, Cal Fan, UC Berkeley Class of: 50, 52, 58, 59, 65, '72, '81, 87, '89, '95, '98, '99, 00, '01, '02, 03, 04, '05, '06, UCLA Alumna, U.C. San Diego Alumna, Season Ticket Holder.

Thank You...

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. On November 14 we delivered the petition to the UC Regents at UCLA with 1,089 signatures!

SAVE TIGHTWAD HILL! Don't Let UC Berkeley and the UC Regents Kill the Hill! Here is Dan's presentation to the Regents at the November 14 meeting, and the text of the Petition, read by Brother Robert at the meeting:

What would college football be without tradition? It would be no more than a game. Ladies and gentlemen of the Board of Regents, today you have the opportunity to preserve one of the great traditions of California Golden Bears football, and in so doing, to maintain the spirit and character of one of the Nation’s oldest and finest collegiate football programs.

Coming before the Committee on Grounds and Buildings today as Item 112, and before the Full Board on Thursday, is the certification of the Environmental Impact Report for the UC Berkeley Southeast Campus Integrated Projects, which include the planned seismic improvements and other renovations of historic California Memorial Stadium. One proposed element of these renovations is a seating structure, the so-called “east or east-side seating structure” that would rise approximately 25 feet above the existing grade-level promenade behind the student rooting section.

The EIR fails to identify as significant the potential impact of the east seating structure on Tightwad Hill, and it is because of this omission that I come before you today. Those of you who have attended football games at Memorial Stadium probably know of Tightwad Hill. It is the hill above the east side of the stadium that affords a clear view to the playing field, and where Cal Bears fans of all stripes and means have been watching games since the stadium was built in 1923. The east seating structure could block views of the field from Tightwad Hill, and if so, would destroy this great Cal Football tradition, completely unique in America, and in so doing would diminish the enjoyment of attending games for all.

The importance of this issue is apparent from the media coverage we have been receiving: The San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Tribune, and the Berkeley Voice have all run front page articles; radio stations KGO and KCBS have run stories, and I was interviewed on the Channel 4 evening news. The petition that we are presenting to you today has been signed by over 1,000 people from as far away as Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

My analysis of the east seating structure, which is included in the information packet I have provided you, concludes the following:

-- This structure has no connection to Stadium seismic upgrades, the Student Athlete High Performance Center, or to the new press box;

-- The proposed east seating structure would damage the architectural integrity and historic character of the Stadium;

-- It would provide few game day facilities or amenities; -- It is inconsistent with or irrelevant to the objectives of the stadium renovation;

-- And finally, the proposed east seating structure would block views from Tightwad Hill, effectively destroying this great Cal football tradition.

Along with 1,089 signatories of the petition I present to you today, and generations of Golden Bear fans who did not have the opportunity to sign but who have enjoyed watching games from Tightwad Hill, or who simply value the tradition of Tightwad Hill, I urge you to adopt as a condition of approval for the Integrated Projects the elimination of the east seating structure from the California Memorial Stadium Seismic Corrections and Program Improvements.

Thank you.



We, the undersigned, finding that watching the University of California Golden Bears football games at historic California Memorial Stadium from “Tightwad Hill” is a cherished tradition of the U.C. Berkeley community and the Berkeley community at large that contributes to the diversity, vitality, and unique character of the Campus and City; that the denizens of Tightwad Hill, while highly spirited, generally act responsibly to remove litter, protect the natural resources of Tightwad Hill, and police their own behavior, though wearing of red garments is not allowed; that any alterations to Memorial Stadium that would block views of the playing field from Tightwad Hill or that would prevent free access to Tightwad Hill would destroy this great tradition and diminish the enjoyment of attending football games at Memorial Stadium for all Golden Bear fans; and that the proposed Southeast Campus Integrated Projects include modifications to Memorial Stadium that have the potential to block views of the playing field from Tightwad Hill, namely the Eastside Seating Structure and possibly other structures, respectfully request that The Regents of the University of California, when considering approval of the Southeast Campus Integrated Projects, condition approval to eliminate the proposed Eastside Seating Structure, to eliminate or modify any other Stadium modifications that would block views of the playing field from Tightwad Hill, and to enable continued free access to Tightwad Hill.

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